Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge.

We believe that a wealth of knowledge exists in the least developed corners of the world.

However, it is dispersed across thousands of locals whose expertise is often underutilized, or not reflected in social networks or resumes.

Whether you are researching renewable energy in East Africa, or telecommunications in India, traditional methods of understanding a new market can be inefficient, expensive, and outdated.

OnFrontiers is a community that empowers business insight-seekers to create direct connections with local experts from every sector around the globe.

We are headquartered in New York City with research coordinators strategically located across six continents that allow us to stay attuned to the nuances of each region and market.

Leadership Team

Brian Caouette
Brian manages OnFrontiers day to day. Before OnFrontiers Brian founded Farmbuilders (Echoing Green Fellow) and was an early employee with Seamless Health.
Anne Kroijer
Anne leads our strategy and partnership development. She’s a former i-banker, world-banker and has lived worked traveled across more than 52 countries.

We are a community of experts from around the globe. Ready to join?

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Our clients include some of the world’s leading investment firms, corporations, and strategy consultancies.

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Our team is changing the way the businesses make decisions

Morgan Johnson
Client Success Manager
Becky Zhang
Operations Manager
Chiara Cokieng
Research Director
Enio Borges
Research Manager
Joanne Lim
Recruiting Associate
Elizma Briers
Research Manager
Sabyasachi Gupta
Research Manager
Ricardo Sánchez
Recruiting Associate
Alan Casagrande
Software Engineer
Rodrigo Machado
Engineering Lead
Austin Griffith
UX/UI Designer

Advisory Team

Tom Bird
Board Director, Co-Chair
Pratap Ranade
Alex Iskold
Robert van Zwieten

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