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OnFrontiers’ Experts offered unique local insights I could not have gotten through our traditional research channels.

Engagement Manager
Professional Services Firm

Featured Experts

United Kingdom (UK)

OnFrontiers Editorial Director and a seasoned expert in everything to do with media in frontier and emerging markets

Luanda, Angola

Telecom and mobile technologies sales management expert in Angola

United States

An expert in digital technology, economic and financial services in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

An expert in geothermal energy and electricity generation in Kenya

Talking to OnFrontiers’ Experts gave me confidence in the direction we were headed on the project.

Project Manager
US Foundation

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Connecting with OnFrontiers’ Experts helped answer my questions and helped me think through whether I was asking the right questions.

Investment Officer
Development Financial Institution

Case Studies

The Experts were very knowledgeable on all the things we needed to get smart quickly in the local market – technical, commercial and political aspects.

Project Finance Director
Investment Firm

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