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Today telecom is comprised around exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means. Disrupted by mobile innovation in the 90s, the sector is changing today with the widespread adoption of services like Whatsapp, Skype, etc. and similar. While telecom companies lost more than $50 billion in SMS revenues in 2016, the industry can increase revenues through taking advantage of big data and thereby improve targeted ads and customer retention and servicing. OnFrontiers allows you to schedule consultations with pre-vetted practitioners and consultants spanning hundreds of specializations around the world.

Mumbai, India
Srategic Advisor, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.

An expert in digital mobile services in India

Pankaj Sethi has over 30 years of work experience across Telecom, VAS, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Marketing, Startups and Growth Companies. He has experience in digital services, e-commerce, marketing, corporate strategy, value added services & enterprise planning. He developed and set up Edugild, an Edtech accelerator program for the MIT group and worked on development with other Incubators and Accelerators

Luanda, Angola
Senior Business Development Executive, Nokia

Telecom and mobile technologies sales management expert in Angola

Sales management expert in the mobile technology and telecom sector in Angola, helping companies and governments shape the future.

Los Gatos, United States
Entrepreneur in Residence , SK Telecom

Technology,Google,Telecom, Start-up, Venture Capital

I have been an advisor to the office of the CEO and Founders at Google, I have had management positions at CenturyLink, SK Telecom, and Hawaiian Telecom.

São Paulo Area, Brazil, Brazil
General Manager, LocalChef

An expert in VAS, telecom and technology startups in Latin America

Celso Misaki is a global business executive, entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience leading business development, sales and marketing in global corporations and technology startups in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. He has experience with creating startups, new business units in tech companies and structuring new branches of global companies. He has extensive business expertise in digital product management, online media buying, acquisition growth strategies and content marketing in multiple channels. He was involved in startups, since the concept creation, minimum viable product validation, business plans, implementing and attracting investments

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