OnFrontiers COVID-19 Global Response
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OnFrontiers is building an Expert Helpdesk, a special panel of experts, for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Helpdesk is a curated selection of experts who will work with organizations around the world to accelerate the development of strategies to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Experts will be featured on the website and in marketing materials. Helpdesk experts will have complete control over which clients they work with and their availability. Experts can work with clients in a paid or pro-bono capacity (with a minimum of one consultation per month) according to rates and terms they are comfortable with.

OnFrontiers will not charge introduction fees for connecting organizations with Helpdesk experts. We are committed to supporting organizations around the world while they navigate the challenges unique to this crisis.

The Helpdesk’s focus areas currently include:
1. Accelerating the transfer of knowledge regarding transmission, containment and countermeasures
2. Facilitating collaborations between the public and private sector
3. Understanding and communicating risk
4. Assessing procurement and supply chain impacts
5. Evaluating regional and national responses
6. Enabling remote work
7. Building resilience to future crises

Our vision is to create a more intelligent world where people from different backgrounds can instantly engage, collaborate, and take action. Experts use the platform to connect and engage more effectively with current and new clients seeking their unique expertise. Businesses use the platform to build and manage their knowledge network and to access new expertise from one of the world’s largest and most global expertise marketplaces. The OnFrontiers network spans over 100 countries and thousands of topics. If you are new to our community, read more about becoming a client and becoming an expert on the OnFrontiers website.