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Renewable energy systems are rapidly becoming more efficient and cheaper. As of 2015 more than 50% of new electricity capacity installed worldwide are renewable. Renewable resources include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat, with solar photovoltaics being the largest renewable employer globally. While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewables are suited to remote areas and developing countries. OnFrontiers allows you to schedule consultations with pre-vetted practitioners and consultants spanning hundreds of specializations around the world.

Melbourne, Australia
Managing Director, Perpetuity Management Pty Ltd

Energy markets, generation, renewable energy and sustainability expert

Over 20 years of General Management experience in the power generation and renewable energy industry. Diverse (wind, solar, biomass, mini hydro) renewable energy experience. Knowledge about renewable and energy markets, risk management, JVs, corporate finance and start-up ventures.

Beijing, China
Chief Expert, China National Renewable Energy Centre

Renewable energy development and integration expert

Expert in policy strategies for deployment and integration of renewable energy in China. Experience in Long-term scenarios for transition of energy system, power market reform process, renewable energy development trends in China, including barriers and policy measures implemented by the Chinese government.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
President, ASI Power & Telemetry

Solar and wind energy business expert in Costa Rica

Renewable energy expert. Expertise in solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, electronics, telemetry, and sustainable water. Experience providing long-term professional wind assessment studies.

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