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NYC, United States
Speaks Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese

An expert in data analytics, financial management and KPIs

Becky used to work as a high-level executive on environmental compliance service in China. After joining OnFrontiers, she focused on data analytics, KPI building up, financial management and compliance.
Questions I can answer:
What's the future for renewable energy

OnFrontiers • NYC, United States (U.S)

Director of Finance and Operations

2016 - Present (3 years, 8 months)
Design dashboards to monitor KPI & BD KPI;
Monitor compliance procedure of the company, including GDPR compliance;
Conflict management and resolution;
Manage proprietary database of the company, making sure that it is updated and accurate;
Coordinate with the IT team for any bugs and improvement in the platform;
Manage expert engagement in the OnFrontiers platform

Overall financial and accounting management of the company;
Monitor company subscriptions;
Track company expenses to ensure that it is within the budget;
Handle payments for expert consultations

Human Resources Management:
Manage the hiring process of the company and conduct interviews;
Provide company introduction and onboarding process for new hires;
Handle employee payroll, including offshore
OnFrontiers • United States (U.S)

Operations Manager

2017 - 2019 (1 year, 7 months)
Design dashboard on Periscope to monitor Operation KPI & BD KPI;
Monitor and manage the compliance procedure of the company, including GDPR;
Manage financial and accounting affairs for the company;
Manage proprietary database of the company;
Manage expert engagement for OnFrontiers platform
OnFrontiers • United States (U.S)

Operation Research Associate

2016 - 2017 (1 year, 4 months)
Under the leadership of CEO and CSO to work on:
Operation KPI & BD KPI tracking;
Compliance affairs;
Financial management;
Database management;
Dashboard creation and monitoring