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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Speaks Dutch, English, Indonesian

Telecom and bamboo industry expert in Indonesia

Expert in the Telecoms industry in Indonesia, having developed/installed/sold products, including Palapa satellite integration, submarine networks, mobile networks, and high speed internet. Owner of a biotechnology company producing bamboo seedlings with tissue culture.
Questions I can answer:
What is the telecom regulation in Indonesia?

Bambu Nusa Verde • Indonesia


2009 - Present (10 years, 3 months)
Bambu Nusa Verde, a world leader in producing Tropical Bamboo plantlets from Tissue Culture.
Bamboo is the ideal plant for re-forestry, land reclamation, soil control, landslide prevention, and for commercial forestry.
Promotion of Bamboo as a sustainable plant for the future.
Investigation on business opportunities, providing business plans, enhancing the awarness with private and government institutions to start planting Bamboo now.
Alcatel • Indonesia


2005 - 2006 (9 months)
Lobby to obtain Fiber Optic and Submarine Network contract (30 MUSD).
Project Manager for Submarine - for the Indonesian part: permits from local government and oil & gas companies; interface Ministry of Transport; lobby end-user; and local part roll-out supervision.
Alcatel • Indonesia

General Manager of Fixed Network Division

2003 - 2005 (1 year, 12 months)
Business development
Marketing and sales
Project management
Finance and P&L analysis
Alcatel • Indonesia

Key Account Director for Telkom Group

2003 - 2005 (1 year, 12 months)
Business Development
Marketing & Sales