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Zurich, Switzerland
Speaks English, German

An expert in global authority on digital transformation

Kay "The Digital Journeyman" Lummitsch has over 34 years of work experience from a former submarine navigator, systemic coach, technological & cultural change processes and then became the Founder of ‘The Digital Journeymen Foundation’. He is skilled in catalyzing and coordinating digital & API programs for many clients, systemic coach and maintaining a strong network throughout the API/Digital Community
Questions I can answer:
How to leverage Digital Transformation successfully?
How to run an API program?
What does cultural change mean?

Kay Lummitsch - The Digital Journeyman • Switzerland

Founder | CEO

2017 - Present (3 years, 10 months)
Since #AdaptOrDie was never meant to be a joke, we're passionate to help you leveraging your Digital Journey. We are a living network of proven Change-Makers based in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States

Digital Catalyst | Coach | Influencer | Mentor

2016 - Present (4 years, 2 months)
Let's shape your individual Digital Pressure Cooker Program' and GAIN MOMENTUM! I am coaching enterprises in everything Digital: Transformation & Strategy, API-Programs, Cultural Change and Leadership Development

Independent Digital Program Consultant - Google Cloud Platform

2016 - Present (4 years, 3 months)
Helping digital programs to drive their Digital/API journeys towards success. I'm mainly focusing on Cultural Transformation. It's about implementing a Digital Culture - It's about helping them changing their Digital DNA
Apigee (APIC)

Techincal Advisory Board Member

2015 - 2016 (11 months)
I'm feeling honored to contribute to Apigee Technical Advisory Board to improve their great products with my customers perspective and experience
Swisscom • Switzerland

DIgital-Evangelist | API-Evangelist | Product Manager

2013 - 2016 (3 years, 11 months)
Helping internal divisions and external business partners understand and build upon Swisscom's API strategy. Building awareness with business partners and external developers on how Swisscom's digital strategy can help them be more competitive and improve time to market. Educating internal divisions on how the Swisscom API strategy can build new revenue streams through new or existing market


2012 - 2013 (7 months)
International projectmanagement; Teamcoaching; Requirements engineering; Change Management
Sprylab Technologies • Germany

Software Architech

2012 - 2012 (5 months)
Proof of concept and development of a browserbased IDE for an Augmented Reality Gameengine
HDI-Gerling Insurance

Team Coach, JEE-Architect

2008 - 2012 (3 years, 12 months)
Conducting workshops to consolidate department needs: Teamlead for several projects; Teamcoach; All around development and maintenance on insurance typical applications from a shining IOS-Application or Java client down to the deepest legacy backend
Enterprise Messaging Systems • Germany

Project Manangement | Protyping

2007 - 2008 (1 year, 2 months)
From the scratch' planning and prototyping of an email archive system
Verband del Angestellten-Krankenkassen • Germany


2006 - 2006 (3 months)
Application design an prototyping for a new database backed web application.
Allianz Global Investors Capital • Germany


2006 - 2006 (2 months)
Improvement of a finance software
Bertelsmann • Germany


2005 - 2006 (1 year, 1 month)
Refactoring of an existing campaign management system. Further development an improvement
Lummitsch & Friends • Germany

Trainer | Coach

2004 - 2005 (1 year, 2 months)
Teacher, Coach and Mentor for highly skilled kids; Sports teacher on a Sudbury school in Hamburg; Trainer for teachers
DAK • Germany

Software Architect

2003 - 2004 (5 months)
Integrate change tracking for documents within a Coremedia system
Absolute Software GmbH

Project Lead

2002 - 2003 (1 year, 7 months)
Translation of a C++ AI-Engine into the JEE world; Acquisition of aiding money

FIAT Germany • Germany


2000 - 2002 (1 year, 6 months)
Development of a browser / Applet based measuretool for Fiat trucks
Firma/Branche Automobilindustrie - Porsche AG


1999 - 2000 (1 year, 1 month)
Further development of Absolute's KI-engine (Headbox); Customer related knowledge creation; Rollout
JAXX Group • Germany


1998 - 1999 (1 year, 4 months)
Development of a applet based multi-user online casino
Absolute Software GmbH

Software Developer

1998 - 1999 (1 year, 4 months)
Development of a natural language avatar (the first one on the web - in this quality); Knowledge creation; Rollout
German Navy

Submarine Navigator

1987 - 1991 (4 years, 1 month)
North - Baltic Sea
Several Shipowners

Seaman on Trading Ships

1983 - 1987 (4 years, 1 month)