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Senior digital financial advisory services

A digital financial services expert and lawyer with more than 25 years of field experience in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. More than 12 years of experience managing complex international projects focused on digital financial services, payments and financial inclusion, with extensive experience working with banks, card companies, non-bank financial institutions and other e-payment providers.

DAI • Ukraine

Senior Digital Financial Services Advisor

2017 - Present (2 years, 3 months)
Provide recurring consultations and advice to the long-term Ukraine Financial Sector Transformation (FST) Digital Finance Team Leader on the relevance and proper application of digital finance products piloted elsewhere to the Ukrainian environment and supporting the day-to-day operationalization of various electronic payment and digital finance pilots.

Prepare technical inputs for the design, execution, and evaluation of a FST pilot projects.

Review and advise on draft legislation related to Laws on Direct Debit and E-invoicing for the National Bank of Ukraine and other legislation designed to expand and facilitate the participation of Non Bank Financial Institutions in digital finance.

Ongoing work with FST team to create and publicize the Quarterly Digital Finance Usage Index.

Support industry stakeholders in indexing electronic payments and the usage of digital financial services.

Advise on the design and implementation of a public education program on digital financial services and financial inclusion, including developing an on-line course, drafting publishable articles as well as speaking at industry forums.
Digital Financial Advisory Services

Senior Digital Financial Services Advisor

2016 - Present (3 years, 10 months)
Consulting assignments with MicroSave, Chemonics International, Women’s World Banking, Chappuis Halder, Mobile Finance Experts LLP (MFX).

• Senior digital financial services advisor under MicroSave and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Project entitled “Strengthening Regulatory Environment in Indonesia (SREI).”
• Provided support for the planning of the Ukrainian Financial Sector Transformation Activity and complied a case study on how to implement and enhance the rollout of digital financial services in Ukraine including strategies for e-payment adoption in the transportation sector.
• Assisted in the preparation of an ADB proposal for Chappuis Halder for digital financial services assessments in South East Asia.
• Along with Oliver Wyman, assist Women's World Banking in developing their 2017+ plan, with the goal of maximizing the impact on women’s financial inclusion through digital financial services.
IFC - International Finance Corporation

Senior Digital Financial Services Advisor

2016 - Present (3 years, 10 months)
Part-time senior advisor to the International Finance Corporation SME Finance Forum conducting a survey on fintech innovations and alternative data to support SME finance.
Asian Development Bank (ADB) • Philippines

Senior Digital Financial Services Advisor

2016 - Present (3 years, 10 months)
Part-time senior advisor on digital financial services and financial inclusion under the Improving Financial Inclusion in Asia and the Pacific project.
Accion • United States

Senior Fellow

2016 - 2018 (1 year, 4 months)
The Center for Financial Inclusion and Accion teamed up to launch a fellows program designed to generate research on some of the most pressing questions facing the financial inclusion industry.

The purpose of this program is to encourage independent researchers and analysts to systematically examine some of the most important challenges in financial inclusion. Fellows conduct research, analysis, or writing on a topic of high importance to financial inclusion and produces a paper to be published by CFI. This research will focus on what responsible online and digital lending should look like.