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Cali, Colombia
Speaks English, Spanish

Finance and Consumer Banking expert in Colombia

+18 years of experience in management positions in strategic, managing projects, sales management, marketing and commercial divisions at different financial and service entities (based on new market launching, selling team leadership, innovation, digital channels , e-commerce , product implementation and development, outcome results and profit generation). Outstanding knowledge of the financial and retail sector, including institutional banking and corporate banking.
Questions I can answer:
Who are the leading companies in terms of digital banking in Colombia?


Country Manager

2014 - Present (5 years, 3 months)
Virtual marketplace that allows financial and private institutions to acquire verified and profiled customers in a wide market, seeking to give their consumer, credits under the automatic payroll lending, vehicle and factoring modalities, from the comfort of their home or office. also define virtual and presencial strategies for companies that increase customer acquisition, activation, retention and revenue. We offer both consulting and training or consultancy .
Banco Pichincha Colombia • Colombia

Country Online and Mobile Manager

2013 - 2014 (1 year, 1 month)
•Responsible for the implementation project and management of bank products as issuer and issuer and acquirer of payment instruments, including credit and debit cards, and Institutional, Corporate and Personal Banking Merchant Processing.
•Responsible for the arrangement of banking correspondents and mobile banking nationwide.
•Emphasis on the commercial and financial strategy; implementation of new products and compliance of planned budgets and profitability.
Banco del Pichincha Colombia • Colombia

Commercial Vice President

2011 - 2012 (1 year, 7 months)
•Responsible for the institutional, digital banking, innovation and cash management areas in the bank, nationwide.
•Emphasis on the commercial and financial strategy; implementation of new products and compliance of planned budget and profitability.
Banco del Pichincha colombia • Colombia


2006 - 2011 (5 years, 1 month)
Company Name
Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Jan 2011 Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
•Responsible for the project, team and the commercial and financial strategy of products and services that comprise the institutional and corporate banking. The above, based on the attention provided to official and financial entities in the country, and the compliance of planned budgets and profitability.

•I defined and implemented the policies, products and services required by the bank for the public and financial banking in the country.
•I led the Bank’s access to the central and territorial entities in the country, achieving 115% annual compliance of budgets established.
•I consolidated a commercial team comprised of dynamic, engaged and duly educated managers and directors, with outstanding human skills.
•I trained and coached the commercial team and the Bank’s top management on the concepts needed for public banking management and the governing legislation.
Inversora Pichincha S.A. (AIG Consumer Finance Group) • Colombia


2006 - 2006 (6 months)
Company Name
Dates EmployedFeb 2006 – Jan 2010 Employment Duration4 yrs
•Responsible for the management, development, marketing, finance and sale of consumer credit products in the company. Emphasis on sales force management and on automatic payroll lending and fixed credit products.

•I successfully contributed to the bank’s access to a new market (Official Automatic payroll lending).
•I designed and implemented the “credioficial”, savings accounts and electronic channel products, among others, within specific schedules.
•As part of the commercial strategy, I included the sales force as the commercial channel in Pichincha, achieving an 80% growth on the placement of automatic payroll lending credits in the public sector.
•I implemented a reliable information system that allowed for the adequate management of arrears portfolio indicators for the bank’s consumer products (automatic payroll lending).
•I created an effective communication-based working environment through tools and attitudes that will benefit such communication.
Banco Colpatria (Grupo Scotiabank). • Colombia


Company Name
Dates EmployedJul 2005 – Feb 2006 Employment Duration8 mos
•Responsible for the management of the bank’s consumer sales force, particularly in the automatic payroll lending, consumer and credit card areas.

•I designed and implemented the automatic payroll lending product for the bank, as well as the incentives
•programs that allowed commercial advisors to exceed their targets and to engage in team-working.