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Los Angeles, United States (U.S)
Speaks English, German, Spanish

Government and Public Policy, Criminal Justice and Public-Mental Health, Expert

Witness Testimony Federal and State Court
Detective III Charles Dempsey is the Officer-in-Charge of the Administrative Training Detail, Crisis Response Support Section (CRSS) of the Los Angeles Police Department. Detective Dempsey has over thirty years of law enforcement experience in varied assignments both with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Department of Defense. Detective Dempsey has a varied educational background, which includes an Associates in Science in Nursing, a certification from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (German), studies in Urban Geography and Foreign Languages (Spanish) and completed the Clinical Training Program, at the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Menlo Park, California.Detective Dempsey sought to combine his psychiatric nursing experience with his present profession in law enforcement. The assignment to the Crisis Response Support Section has afforded him the chance to provide insight from both disciplines to the daily operations of the CAMP unit and it's dealings and management of high risk persons suffering from a mental illness, who are high utilizers of emergency services, and at risk for violent encounters with law enforcement. The CAMP also engages in predictive and preventative measures to divert individuals on a pathway towards violence by utilizing strategies which focus on the prevention aspect of risk-threat management. Detective Dempsey is a member of the Innovations Sub-Committee of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), which is charged with looking at innovative solutions in assisting those suffering from a mental illness in the State of California. ...
Questions I can answer:
The development of law enforcement training on interactions with persons in crisis.
The operationalization of an effective threat assessment and prevention model for targeted mass violence.
Effective design and management of a law enforcement response model to persons with a mental illness.
Writing of operations and procedural guides to standardize these responses.
Provide expert witness testimony in Federal and State court.
Interpretation and training on Federal and State statutes assisting grant recipients.

LAPD • Greater Los Angeles Area

Public Speaker -National and International

2006 - Present (15 years, 10 months)
• 2006 National GAINS Conference, Law Enforcement/Mental Health Interventions
• 2011 Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program National Training and Technical Assistance Event
• 2011 Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), School Threat Assessment Response Team – The Collaboration Against Targeted School Violence
• 2012 ATAP- Robert Dewey Hoskins the Obsession Remains the Same
• 2012 The Justice Center, CSG: Innovative Law Enforcement Strategies for Interacting with People with Mental Illness that Frequently Require Emergency and Crisis Services
• 2014 ATAP - Strategic Information Sharing and Safeguarding Between Risk Management Professionals and Disciplines
* 2014 LEIU TED - This is why I became a law enforcement officer. To make a difference in a person’s life!
* 2015 JMHCP Law Enforcement Grantee Intensive Training Summit - New York
* 2015 SCA-JMHCP National Conference - Washington DC
* 2016 Beating Mental Illness - USCGould School of Law
• 2016 Crisis Intervention Team International - Conference
* 2016 California - National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Annual Conference-Burlingame, CA
* 2016 National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE), Albuquerque NM
• 2017 Stepping Up Initiative: California Summit, Sacramento Ca
• 2017 Webinar - JMHCP Law Enforcement Grantee, Information Sharing
• 2017 Jefferson County (Colorado) Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice (Keynote)
• 2017 CIT International Conference (Florida), for the CSG Justice Center (Data informed strategy)
• 2017 California National Alliance on Mental Illness, Annual Conference, Newport Beach Ca
* 2017 IACP Annual Conference, Philadelphia PA (P.A.T.H.E.)
* 2018 JMHCP Law Enforcement Grantee Intensive Training Summit - Washington DC
* 2018 JMHCP Webinar-Practical Approaches to Lawful Information Sharing Learning Community
* 2018 European Network of Public Figure Threat Assessment Agencies - Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism (PATHE)- Helsinki, Finland
• 2018 FBI – Los Angeles Field Office – Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism (PATHE)
• 2018 Course Corrections/National Law Enforcement Summit – Los Angeles
• 2018 Words to Deeds/ Changing the Paradigm for Criminal Justice and Mental Health
• 2019 National Governor’s Association – Webinar – Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism (PATHE)
• 2019 Council of State Governments – Webinar – Police Mental Health Collaboration Framework, a Conversation with the Learning Sites
• 2019 Council of State Governments – Webinar – JMHCP Law Enforcement Grantee – Information Sharing
* 2019 Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC)-London MET Police-Threat Assessment
* 2019 Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)-Conference-Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism (PATHE)
* 2019 FBI Dallas region - PATHE
* 2021 Panel: Reconciling the Goals of Public Health and Public Safety, University of Pennsylvania Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics’
LAPD • Greater Los Angeles Area

Officer in Charge, Crisis Response Support Section, Mental Evaluation Unit, Admin-Training Detail

1990 - Present (30 years, 12 months)
Design, development, and delivery of Department training curricula in regards to police interactions with persons suffering from a mental illness. This includes the new week long Mental Health Intervention Training (MHIT) course. Responsible for review and writing of Department policies and procedures involving interactions with persons suffering from a mental illness and or mental health crisis. Wrote and published the Los Angeles Police Department's Mental Evaluation Unit Operations Guide. Wrote and published the LAPD MEU 911 checklist for family members. Expert witness testimony in State/Federal civil lawsuits in regards to police policies, procedures, and training involving persons suffering from a mental illness and or mental health crisis.
LAPD • 100 West 1st Street, Los Angeles 90012

Officer in Charge, Mental Evaluation Unit, Case Assessment Management Program, SMART

• Created procedures and protocols to bring the LAPD in compliance with the Federal Consent Decree
• Developed the School Threat Assessment Response Team (START)
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) Law Enforcement/Mental Health Programs
• SME Mentally Ill Prohibited Possessors, Cal DOJ, Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS)
• Developed and implemented database to capture and track statistics of law enforcement contacts with mentally ill persons
• Review and analysis of police contacts with individuals suffering from mental illness.
• Developed and supervised the mental health follow up investigative unit CAMP.
• Initiated the Departments Returning Veterans Strategy
• Developed strategies within Criminal Justice System, Pre booking Post booking diversion
* Member of System Leadership Team Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
* Member of the Innovations Sub-Committee for the Mental Health Services Act, State of California.
LAPD • Communications Division

Watch Commander / Sergeant II

Responsible for operations of the LAPD's Communications and Dispatch Center (Valley Center).
LAPD • Devonshire Area

Officer in Charge Vice / CLEAR (Gangs) - Sergeant II

Managed and supervised a vice unit responsible for an area of the City of Los Angeles, with a population of 250,000 residents. This included undercover operations, community problems solving, enforcement of Alcohol and Beverage Control and search warrants.
LAPD • Devonshire Area

Detective - Major Assault Crimes

LAPD • Van Nuys Area / West Los Angeles Area

Patrol Supervisor / Gangs - Sergeant

Clinical Training Program, Psychology

National Center for PTSD, VA Menlo Park, CA

2010 - 2010
Criminal Justice/Police Science - Spanish

Antelope Valley College

1988 - 1990
Community Policing Strategies
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Urban Geography/Foreign Languages

California State University-Northridge

1985 - 1988