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Nairobi, Kenya
Speaks English, Spanish

Co-Founder and General Manager at BURN

Primary Areas of Expertise: management, manufacturing (strategy and technical), quality, inventory management, ERP, product development, fundraising, supply chain, product tracking, go-to-market, biomass energy, HR, and after sales.
Questions I can answer:
How can I build demand for my product in Kenya?
How do you lobby the government in Kenya for trade policies?
How should I enter my product into the market in Kenya?
How should I raise funding for my early-stage social enterprise?
Should I setup my factory in Kenya? Should I assemble in Kenya?
What is the best way to structure a team, balancing expats and Kenyans?
Which contract manufacturers should I work with in Kenya?

BURN Manufacturing Co. • Kenya

Co-Founder & General Manager

2011 - Present (7 years, 6 months)
We've started and built a company from 0 to 175 employees that designs, locally manufactures, and markets improved cookstoves. We've built a solar-powered modern factory, which is the largest of its kind on the continent and produces 2 stoves each minute. On the demand side, we've built a new product category in which 70% of Kenyans are aware of our brand and >10,000 households buy one of our products each month.