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Purchase credits

Credits become cheaper the more you purchase. Typical spend is 1 credit for a 1 hour call. Rates are displayed on each Expert’s profile.

1+ credits
$2659% discount
5+ credits
$24516% discount
10+ credits
$23021% discount
20+ credits
$22024% discount
50+ credits
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100+ credits

Use credits for Expert calls and other services

Credits can be used or combined for things like having a live translator during calls, or recording and transcription.

One Hour Expert Call
1 credit ¹
Booking Fee
1.5 credits ²

Written Expert Q&A
+ 1 credit
Live Translation
+ 1 credit
Call Transcript
+ 0.6 credits
Long-term Engagements
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¹ For most experts. Rates may vary.
² Booking fee is waived for follow-up consultations (Advanced and Enterprise account).

Need an Enterprise Plan?

We offer additional services, such as dedicated account management, custom compliance workflows, monthly reporting, and custom integrations. Get in touch to find out more!

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