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“OnFrontiers offered me the ease and access to continue supporting the US government and more specifically, the Arlington National Cemetery, a place where I spent much of my career, on my own terms.” 

OnFrontiers allowed me to continue to make an impact on my work with the public sector, even after retirement. It’s a One Fine Day kind of story. But before we get there, let me introduce myself.

I am Daniel Manning and I am a trained Engineering Technician and Quality Assurance Specialist. I have had a 30+ year career serving the US Government, most of which I have spent at the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), where I worked as an Engineering Technician/ Quality Assurance Specialist and managed the cemetery and record administration. Over the course of my career at ANC, I also participated as a Contracting Officer Representative to assess contracting bids and ensure we were working with agencies that understood our full needs and requirements. Part of my tenure was also at the Washington Aqueduct Division in DC and the Pentagon 911 victim of that day. Prior to ANC, I operated in a similar capacity for the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

Upon retiring last year, I was exploring ways to contribute the years of experience and wisdom I gained in assisting the cemetery and DoD. How do I do this without having to start a new hustle was a question that was harder to answer. I got over six job offers when I retired but chose none of them because I no longer wanted to be employed or bound to one institution. I wanted more freedom and flexibility. And, I wasn’t interested in operations work rather, more focused on learning and sharing lessons and insights with others to support our soldiers, members of the Armed Forces, and Veterans and their family members. 

Then, one fine day, OnFrontiers reached out requesting I join the platform as an expert to provide consultation to a federal contracting customer who wanted to learn more about the Army cemeteries and their business development processes. I had the knowledge so, I signed up and a consultation call was soon scheduled. This one consultation was an eye-opening experience.

Without going beyond creating a profile and completing a short compliance test, I was given the opportunity to connect with a federal contractor and business capture expert, share my knowledge, and deliver vital information that few others know, giving them intelligence integral to their potential bid. In turn, I have formed a new relationship on the agency side, feel good knowing my expertise has aided a potential contractor to the ANC in better delivering the highest quality and care to our fallen soldiers, and have more confidence to do more with my expertise. 

This is one example of what people can expect from the OnFrontiers platform. Experts gain access to consultation opportunities and project-based with greater flexibility and assurance knowing they are doing meaningful work that can have a real impact on human lives. 

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