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The global mobile money market is forecasted to grow ~39% per year over the next decade to reach $405 billion by 2025. Mobile money works in real time and has several benefits: Customers get immediate confirmation when transactions are complete, when funds are available and it is easy to check your balance. Mobile money is thereby bridging the virtual economy with reality and is driving the sharing economy. OnFrontiers allows you to schedule consultations with pre-vetted practitioners and consultants spanning hundreds of specializations around the world.

Chidi Okpala

Chidi Okpala

Nairobi, KenyaChief Digital Officer, Atlas Mara Ltd

Mobile Money Expert in Sub-Saharan Africa

Expert in entrepreneurship. Experience with payments, sales & distribution, retail & consumer banking. Expertise in mobile money in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mitchell Elegbe

Mitchell Elegbe

Lagos, NigeriaFounder & CEO, InterSwitch

Entrepreneurship expert in mobile money in Nigeria

Entrepreneur and Founder of a mobile money company in Nigeria. Experience with electronic transactions, mobile payments, electronic payments, and setting business strategy in the mobile money field.

Charles Niehaus

Charles Niehaus

Cape Town, South AfricaManaging Director, Circle Payments

Payments and mobile money in Africa

An expert on payments and mobile money across the Africa region, involved within the payments industry across Africa for over 15 years. Proficiency in various early phase and start up payments business in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rob Ashley Madziva

Rob Ashley Madziva

Nairobi, KenyaDirector, Business Development, Marketing & Innovation, Maxcom Africa

Mobile banking and e-commerce expert in Kenya

Expert in mobile technology in Kenya. Experience with Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking, E-Commerce, and Telecommunications for financial inclusion. Experience working for a range of different firms and providers in Kenya.

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