Last Updated: July 29, 2018

OnFrontiers’s Client fees listed below are subject to change from time to time.  For current fees, please refer to onfrontiers.com/pricing.


Fees for Consultation and ancillary services booked by Client through OnFrontiers Website, other than certain Permitted Off-Platform Services, are payable by Clients using OnFrontiers Credits (“Credits”).  Credits are pre-paid units of currency which may be purchased through the Website. The greater the number of Credits purchased at one time, the lower the cost of each Credit.

Credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase, and automatically expire if not used within such timeframe.

The cost of Credits is:

Number of Credits Purchased Cost Discount
1+ USD $290
5+ USD $265 9%
10+ USD $245 16%
20+ USD $230 21%
50+ USD $220 25%
100+ Contact OnFrontiers for pricing



The cost of services that may be booked through the Website is as follows:

Core services

  • Remote Consultations – Rates per hour listed on Expert profiles.
  • Booking Fee for Consultation Expert Requests: +1.5 credits for an applicable Consultation

Research team facilitation of other Expert services

  • Calls conducted outside OnFrontiers call platform (+1 credits)
  • Written Consultation set-up (+1 credit)
  • Concierge Assistance (+1 credit)
  • Expert Round Table (+8 credits)
  • In-Person Meeting Set-Up (+2 credits)
  • Booking Fee for Proposal Placement Expert Requests: +2 credits for an applicable Engagement (subject to minimum of 2 credits per Expert Request)
  • Proposal Placement (+2 credits each)
  • Booking Fee for Consulting Project Expert Requests: +4 credits for an applicable Engagement (subject to minimum of 4 credits per Expert Request)
  • Consulting Project Set-Up: (+1 credit)
  • Consulting Project Service Charge: See “Permitted Off-Platform Services” below.

Ancillary services

  • Translation (+2 credits / hour)
  • Meeting transcription (+0.6 credits / hour)
  • Other services (call us) 

Platform access

  • Basic: no charge
  • Advanced: 0.75 credits per Billable Active User (BAU) per month
    • BAU are defined as the total number of users in a given month who request experts or book / receive consultations or other services from experts
    • Advanced includes Basic Platform Access, plus Dedicated Account Manager, Compliance Checks, 24/7 Coverage (Mon-Fri), Standard Analytics, Multiple Teams, Messaging, Custom Invoicing, and Booking Fee Waiver on Follow-up Engagements with Same Expert
    • Accounts subject to a minimum of 3 BAU per month
  • Enterprise: priced to scope

Permitted Off-Platform Services

For Permitted Off-Platform Services, Client shall pay OnFrontiers a service charge (“Service Charge”) equal to a credit amount corresponding to the total fees payable by Client to Expert for such services pursuant to the terms of the relevant Client-Expert Engagement Agreement or other agreement entered into between Client and Expert. The Service Charge payable by Client to OnFrontiers will either 2.0 credits or the amount determined by the table below, whichever is greater:

Amount Due from Client to Expert         Service Charge: Credits / $1,000 Due from Client to Expert

< $5,000                                                       1.250

$5,000.01-$10,000                                    1.000

$10,000.01-$20,000                                 0.750

$20,000.01-$50,000                                0.625

$50,000.01+                                              0.500

Service Charge as calculated per the table above will be rounded up to the nearest 0.25 Credits.  Service Charges for Permitted Off-Platform Services are due and payable by Client to OnFrontiers: (a) 50% on the date of Client’s agreement with Expert for such services, and (b) the balance on the due date of payment by Client to Expert for such services. Where Expert is to be paid in installments, the balance of Service Charges due to OnFrontiers shall be payable pro rata on the due date of each such installment.

Client must at all times maintain a balance of Credits with OnFrontiers equal to 100% of any outstanding Service Charges payable, but not yet due, to OnFrontiers.

For further information regarding payment, please refer to the OnFrontiers Client Fee Policy.