Guidelines For Sharing Knowledge on OnFrontiers

OnFrontiers established simple rules to ensure a consulting environment that prioritizes confidentiality and security.  These rules recognize the existing constraints on information that experts can share with clients on consultations and opportunity calls. Our compliance framework allows experts to be valued for their knowledge and experience as well as it helps navigate our client’s information confidentiality requirements. 

Review the complete Expert Participation Agreement here.

We are a safe place to share information

OnFrontiers simplified the compliance requirements for experts so you feel safe when interacting with our clients. You should be comfortable accepting an invitation to share information through an OnFrontiers consultation if you are asked to discuss your:

  • Professional opinion on a topic you have expertise on
  • Responsibilities with your former employer that do not represent a confidentiality breach 
  • Professional opinion about your industry of expertise
  • Opinion about a subject unrelated to your current duties as a public official
  • Your employer does not prevent you from doing so

Avoid conflicts of interest

Experts must decline any Consultation or Opportunity Call that presents an actual or likely conflict of interest.

A few examples of conflicts of interest are:

  • You are a stakeholder or employee in a competitor of the company that asked for your advice
  • You are asked to provide advice about your professional duties with your current employer
  • You have signed an agreement with your employer that prohibits you from doing so
  • You are a public employee and you are asked about source selection or contractor proposal information that is not publicly available

Recognize the importance of information confidentiality

Confidential Information is any non-public information that has been agreed to remain unreleased. A breach of Information Confidentiality would likely adversely impact an individual’s privacy or a business’s competitiveness.

Confidential Information also includes the agreement with OnFrontiers and the information received by an Expert from a Client during a Consultation or Opportunity Call.

Prohibited Practices

You may not provide investment, accounting, legal or medical counseling through OnFrontiers. You may also not use your position as:

  • A government official and government employee to discuss government legislation, regulation, policy, and contacts that affect your work directly
  • Medical professional to discuss clinical trial results or patient experience information
  • An auditor or former auditor to comment on companies you have audited in the past 3 years

For further details, check our complete Expert Participation Agreement here.