Free E-book: How your knowledge network impacts pWin

If you missed our last month Using Your Knowledge Network to Win Federal Contacts, we have made the content and learnings available in ebook and video format.

Download the ebook or watch the webinar recording to learn about the four key drivers of pWin (probability of winning) as well as the ways your knowledge network can have an impact on each of them. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to develop client intimacy with the agency
  • How to evaluate the strength of your own network and how you’re positioned against competitors
  • The ways in which an expert network can help with innovative solutions and expand your capabilities
  • How experts can assist with cost and budgeting to make sure your proposal is 

The ebook contains insights from:

  • Mark Johnson, Founder of Catapult Growth Partners — 40 years of commercial and federal business experience
  • Troy Wray, Principal & Director of Operations, Washington Business Dynamics, a Veteran-owned consulting firm serving multiple federal agencies.  WBD has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the US. 
  • Brian Caouette, Founder & CEO at OnFrontiers — Knowledge networks for distributed businesses

Keep an eye out for other upcoming webinar events in our series, as we dig deeper into the fundamentals of using knowledge networks to boost your federal contracting capabilities. 

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Get the e-book and webinar recording