Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started on OnFrontiers

What is OnFrontiers?

OnFrontiers is a global advisory network and research firm that intelligently matches our clients’ need for tailored local knowledge in frontier markets, with Experts with reliable and relevant expertise.

Our clients are typically public and private sector organizations with an interest in frontier markets. We serve a diverse set of clients including major media outlets, private foundations, management consulting firms, investment funds and development agencies.

Our growing Expert includes industry professionals, local thought leaders, consultants and academics from the private and public sectors in otherwise hard-to-reach frontier markets.

Which regions does OnFrontiers cover?

OnFrontiers’ rapidly expanding network covers more than 18 frontier markets in Asia, South America and Sub Saharan Africa, with specialist knowledge across various industries including energy, agriculture, financial services, infrastructure, healthcare, technology and education.

How does OnFrontiers work?

If you are a prospective client, contact OnFrontiers with details of the topic(s) and countries on which you are looking to get insights. Our team will get back to you to scope your request and align on details, before compiling a shortlist of appropriate Experts for you to choose from (typically within 1 - 4 days). Once you have selected Experts with whom you wish to speak to, OnFrontiers will schedule the consultation call.

If you are interested in becoming an Expert, you can apply directly through the OnFrontiers website.

How can I be sure that the Experts on your network are reliable and have relevant expertise?

OnFrontiers focuses on quality over quantity in expanding the Expert network. We therefore screen our Experts for content knowledge, communication skills and alignment of values so that we can assure our clients of the quality of our service.

We conduct a thorough background check on all our Experts. Our Experts are also expected to comply with OnFrontiers’ Compliance and Privacy guidelines. Any potential conflicts of interests or restrictions are reviewed during the pre-screening process for each consultation.

Client FAQs

How do I make a request to OnFrontiers?

If this is your first request, please contact OnFrontiers with details of the topic(s) and countries on which you are looking to get insights. Our team will get back to you to scope your request and align on details, before compiling a shortlist of appropriate Experts for you to choose from (typically within 1 - 4 days). Once you have selected Experts with whom you wish to speak to, OnFrontiers will schedule the consultation call.

Clients are assigned an account manager with OnFrontiers who is the key contact for making requests and answering any questions along the way.

What is typical turn-around time from a request to Expert consultations?

From client request to shortlist: 1-4 days (depending on client timeline).

From shortlist to consultation: could be as short as 1 day (depends on client and Expert availability)*

What if I want to speak with the Expert again?

You are free to follow up with an Expert (e.g. with clarification questions, data discussed on call). If significant time is required of the Expert, this is logged by the Expert and will be charged to the client.

Do I get a report after the Expert consultation?

OnFrontiers provides recordings and summaries of Expert consultations. This is not part of our standard service and has additional charges. Please consult with your account manager for pricing.

What if I do not learn anything from this Expert?

If you end the call within 10 minutes because the Expert does not seem to have valuable insights, you will not get charged for the call.

Participation in OnFrontiers Consultations

Who can participate in consultations with OnFrontiers’ clients?

OnFrontiers welcomes all individuals with significant experience in a particular sector or industry across any geographic region.

How do I apply to become an Expert?

Professionals can apply to become OnFrontiers Experts by following the application process on the website. We ask all applicants to provide a resume, along with a brief description of your expertise. Alternatively, you can send us an email at and a member of our team will contact you to complete the registration process. All applicants are required to agree and comply with OnFrontiers’ Terms of Use.

Do I have to pay to register with OnFrontiers?

No. Registration with OnFrontiers is free.

How do I terminate my Expert membership with OnFrontiers?

Experts can suspend or terminate membership by giving written notice at any time.

What is an Expert’s relationship with OnFrontiers?

An Expert participates in consultations as an independent contractor. He/she acts in his/her own capacity at all times and he/she is not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture of OnFrontiers.

How will I know if I am suitable for the proposed consultation?

At the project proposal stage, we will provide you with details of the main subject of the consultation as well as the key questions our client wishes to ask. Our research team will also be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Terms and Conditions

Does my registration with OnFrontiers prevent me from registering with other similar organizations?

No, unless specifically agreed in writing, you will not be entering into an exclusive relationship with OnFrontiers.

My employer’s policies prohibit employees from discussing professional matters outside the organisation. Does this mean I cannot participate in consultations with OnFrontiers’ clients?

You should never participate in OnFrontiers consultations in breach of any laws, regulations or obligations to third parties. If your employment policy prohibits discussing professional matters externally, you must not participate in consultations with OnFrontiers’ clients.

How do I know if my employer allows me to participate in consultations with OnFrontiers?

If you are unsure about whether your current employment contract permits you to participate in OnFrontiers consultations, please check with your employer prior to joining. We would be happy to send you a consent letter for your employer to sign.

Can OnFrontiers’ clients hold me liable for decisions they make based on information that I provide them?

The information you provide to clients is with a view of stimulating thought and for general information purposes only. The information you provide should not include any investment, legal, financial, accountancy or medical advice. OnFrontiers’ clients agree that they bear full responsibility for their decisions they make based on information that you provide, and that Experts will not be liable for any decision made or action taken by the client or anyone else based upon reliance on the information provided during a consultation. You must not, however, provide confidential or non-public information.

In the case of a pre-existing relationship with a client, can I still work with this client outside OnFrontiers?

Yes. You are only obliged to use OnFrontiers to facilitate consultations with clients that OnFrontiers first introduced to you, and only for a period of one year after the last project provided by OnFrontiers.

Will I work exclusively for a client?

No, unless otherwise agreed, Experts are referred to clients on a non-exclusive basis.

Are the consultations confidential?

Yes. Each consultation and any discussions leading up to a private consultation are confidential. You must not disclose to any third party the names of OnFrontiers clients, the content of OnFrontiers projects, the subject matter of a consultation or any information about our clients’ businesses. Similarly, a client must not disclose the identity of OnFrontiers Experts or any information discussed in consultations without the necessary prior consent.

Are there any subjects I should not advise on?

Experts must not provide any investment, legal, financial, accountancy, medical or other advice. In addition, you must not disclose any confidential information, inside information or non-public information.

How will I know if a subject is confidential?

We require our Experts not to discuss their current employer or to share any non-public information about their company. Experts are engaged by our clients in order to provide them with general information with a view to stimulating thought and increasing understanding of a particular market or topic. If you think the subject matter of the consultation is confidential, you should refuse to participate. During a consultation, if you believe that by answering a question you will divulge confidential information you must refuse to answer the question.


How are Experts paid?

Depending on your location, our preferred payment method is through online payment systems (e.g. PayPal, Stripe or the equivalent in your market). We also make payments by bank transfer. You also have the option to donate your contribution to any registered charity.

Will I be paid for my preparation time?

Due to the nature of the consultations, and the high level of information required, preparation is not necessary. As a result, we only remunerate you for the amount of time spent in consultation with our client.

How long after the consultation will I receive my payment?

OnFrontiers will process your payment within 30 days from the later date of (a) OnFrontiers’ receipt of a valid application for payment (or invoice) or (b) the client’s written confirmation that the consultation took place. As such, you may not receive payment immediately.

How do referrals work?

OnFrontiers’ Experts have the opportunity to recommend new individuals whose expertise is likely to interest our clients. A referral bonus agreed between Expert and OnFrontiers is paid out in USDonce the first consultation is carried out by the referred Expert.

You can refer a colleague quickly and easily through your OnFrontiers Expert profile:*

  1. Log-in to your Expert profile
  2. Select the ‘Refer a Colleague’ link
  3. Enter in the relevant contact information
  4. Select the ‘Submit’ button, which prompts an email, mentioning your name, to be sent to your colleague with information about OnFrontiers and the option to move forward with becoming an Expert.

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