Expert Payment Policy

  1. Applicability

(a) This Expert Payment Policy applies to all Unaffiliated Experts in connection with services provided on the OnFrontiers Platform. This includes all services provided in the OnFrontiers Marketplace, as well as services provided in a Knowledge Network or Expert Pool where Expert is not party to an Off-Platform agreement to provide such services. 

(b) This Expert Payment Policy does not apply to Experts who are party to an Off-Platform employment or independent contractor agreement  in connection with services provided on the OnFrontiers Platform.

  1. Definitions

2.1 Unless defined herein, capitalized terms used in this Expert Payment Policy shall have the meanings assigned in the OnFrontiers Standard Definition Schedule.

  1. Payments on the OnFrontiers Platform are made through OnFrontiers’ third-party service provider, Hyperwallet Systems, Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), using Hyperwallet’s Paylution portal. For each Expert that receives payment via the OnFrontiers Platform (ie., Marketplace Experts and other Unaffiliated Experts), OnFrontiers will establish a Hyperwallet Paylution account at, which Expert must verify to receive payment. Terms and conditions of use of the Hyperwallet Paylution portal, as well as the applicable data privacy policy, are available on the Hyperwallet Paylution website.
  2. (a) OnFrontiers will pay Expert for Consultations performed by Expert which are Booked and paid for through the OnFrontiers Platform, based upon the duration of the Consultation performed, as follows:
    • 0-15 minutes- 25% of Expert Rate, unless the Customer terminates Consultation within this period due to poor quality of Consultation provided, in which case no payment will be due.
  • Time spent beyond the first 15 minutes will be calculated and paid as a pro rata portion of the Expert Rate, based on 5-minute increments.

(b) The purposes of this Expert Payment Policy, “Expert Rate” means the rate(s) at which Expert agrees to be paid for one hour of Consultations on the OnFrontiers Platform, as set or verified in Expert’s Expert Profile.

  1. (a) In the event a Consultation Booked through the OnFrontiers Platform is cancelled by Consumer fewer than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start-time, or Consumer is a “no show” for such a Consultation, Expert shall be entitled to receive 25% of the fee calculated at the Expert Rate, that would have been payable to Expert had the Booked Consultation taken place.   

(b) Expert shall not be entitled to compensation for a Consultation which is cancelled by Consumer at least 24 hours prior to the Consultation’s scheduled start-time. 

(c) The Expert Rate payable to Expert by OnFrontiers for Consultation shall be the Expert Rate that was in effect at the time the Booking for such Consultation is made by Consumer.

  1. OnFrontiers will not compensate Experts for: (a) time expended by Expert on Consultation in excess of time which is booked by a Consumer through the OnFrontiers Platform; or (b) any preparatory work Expert may choose to perform for a Consultation, unless otherwise expressly agreed between Expert and OnFrontiers in writing. 
  2. For services performed by Expert on behalf of Consumers that pre-pay OnFrontiers, within 24 hours after Expert services have been completed and accepted by Consumer, Expert’s payment of the Expert Rate for such services will be added to the balance due to Expert, as reflected in Expert’s OnFrontiers User account. 
  3. For services performed by Expert on behalf of Consumers where OnFrontiers does not receive payment in advance, Expert’s payment of the Expert Rate for such services will be added by OnFrontiers to the balance due to Expert, as reflected in Expert’s OnFrontiers User account, within five (5) New York business days of the date on which OnFrontiers receives payment for such services.
  4. Expert may request payment of amounts due at any time, by emailing Payment requests are typically processed within five (5) New York business days.
  5. Once the payment request is processed, Expert will receive an email with a link to the Paylution portal.  On the Paylution portal, Experts can elect to receive funds via a virtual pre-paid card, wire transfer, or ACH.  For the latter two methods, Expert must enter bank account details.  Not all methods are available in all locations.  Wire and ACH transfers involves transaction fees which vary by location of Expert’s bank. Expert may elect to be paid in non-USD currencies where available, otherwise Expert must be paid in USD.  All fees for foreign exchange and bank transfers will be payable by Expert and deducted from the amount Expert is paid. After 90 days, paid but unclaimed balances on an Expert’s Hyperwallet Paylution account will incur a charge by Hyperwallet of $3 per month.  Further information about how the Paylution portal works, and terms and conditions of use, are available on the Paylution portal website. 
  6. No fees are payable to Experts in connection with Opportunity Calls.