OnFrontiers Customer Charging Policy

  • General Terms for Customers
  1. Subscription Period and Renewal Charges

1.1 Subscription Period for Order Forms. A Subscription shall commence and terminate on the dates specified in the relevant Subscription Order Form (such period referred to herein as, the “Initial Subscription Period”). On the last day of the Initial Subscription Period, the Subscription will automatically renew for recurring twelve (12) month periods (each, a “Renewal Subscription Period”) on the same subscription and payment terms (prorated where necessary, to account for any discrepancy between the duration of the Initial Subscription Period and the Renewal Subscription Period), unless otherwise amended pursuant to the terms hereof or canceled by written notice from Customer to OnFrontiers made no later than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Initial Subscription Period or Renewal Subscription Period then in effect. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Charges for Implementation Fees shall not automatically carry over into any Renewal Subscription Period unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing. Plan Enhancements and Additional Pools will automatically renew or terminate together with the Subscription Order Form, unless an earlier end date for the Enhancements or Additional Pool is specified within the Order Form.

1.2 Renewal Charges. OnFrontiers shall be entitled to increase Charges with effect from the first day of any Renewal Subscription Period, upon written notice to Customer delivered no less than sixty (60) days’ prior to the last day of the Initial Subscription Period or Renewal Subscription Period then in effect and, following such notice, the Order Form shall be deemed to have been amended accordingly.


  1. Plan Additions and Enhancements

2.1        OnFrontiers shall provide Customer access to the package of accessible Collections, Curations Features, and other components included in Customer’s selected Customer Plan, as identified on the Order Form(s) entered into by Customer and OnFrontiers pursuant to the Global Customer Agreement.  

2.2 Customer may purchase additional components for a Plan or Additional Pool (“Enhancements”), as follows:

Component Fee Quantity
Credits $20,000 Package of 100
Network Profiles $100 / Year Package of 1,000
Authorized Users $200 / Year Ea
Sub-Accounts $10,000 / Year Ea
Network Manager Seats $3,000 / Year Ea
Pool Manager Seats $3,000 / Year Ea
Pool Consumers $5,000 / Year Package of 100
Pool Profiles $100 / Year Package of 1,000
Pool Partners $3,000 / Year Ea


2.3 With the exception of additional Credits, Fees for Enhancements will be applied on a pro-rata basis based on the number of calendar days remaining in the relevant Subscription Year or Additional Pool Year.

2.4 With the exception of additional Credits, Enhancements will be included and Fees for such Enhancements will be applied, in subsequent Subscription Years or Additional Pool Years. 

  1. Invoice Payment

3.1 Invoices are due and payable thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt by Customer..

3.2 Customer will be credited 1% of the amount of any invoice that is paid in full within five (5) business days of receipt by Customer. Such credit will be applied to Customer’s invoice in the calendar month following the month in which it is earned. 

  • General Terms for Consumers
  1. Consultation Fees

1.1 When Customer engages an Expert on the OnFrontiers Platform, Customer is acting as a “Consumer”. 

1.2 Consumers pay Consultation Fees when engaging an Unaffiliated Expert, as follows: 

Consultation Type Consultation Fee
Call Consultation Per Expert Rate on Expert Profile
Written Consultation Per Expert Rate on Expert Profile
Written Deliverable Flat Fee as Negotiated
Survey Response Flat Fee as Negotiated
Expert Polls No Fees
Opportunity Calls No Fees


1.3        Consultation Fees do not apply in connection with Consultations received by Consumer from Affiliated Experts (ie., Consumer’s employees and other Experts with whom Consumer has an Off-Platform agreement to receive such services).

  1. Consultation Minimums and Time Increments for Call Consultations

2.1        Charges for Call Consultations with an Expert are subject to a thirty (30) minute minimum for a first Consultation and fifteen (15) minute minimum for follow-up Consultations. 

2.2        Charges for Call Consultations in excess of the minimum will be rounded up in five (5) minute increments. 

2.3        Time charges are based on the elapsed period between the Start Time, calculated to be the later of the scheduled start time of the call or the time the Expert joins the call, until the End Time, calculated to be the later of when the Consumer or Expert first exits the call or the minimum time applicable in relation to the Start Time

  1. Booking Fees

3.1 Consumer’s first Consultation with a particular Expert after having been Matched by an OnFrontiers Research Manager pursuant to Consumers’ Expert Request shall be subject to Booking Fees, as follows:

Expert Request Type Booking Fee
Call Consultations 0.5 Credits
Written Consultations 1.5 Credits
Written Deliverable 1.5 Credits
Survey Response 1.5 Credits
Expert Polls 1 Credit
Opportunity Call 3 Credits for Consulting Project requests

3 Credits for Full/Part Time Hire requests

2 Credits for Advisory Placement requests


  1.         Joining Consultations Late and No-Shows

4.1 Consumer may cancel a Consultation without penalty if the Expert fails to join within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start of the Consultation. 

4.2 If a booked Consultation has not been canceled in advance of the scheduled Start Time, then in the event the Consumer does not join such Consultation within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled Start Time,  the Expert shall be permitted to terminate the Consultation at the fifteen (15) minute mark and Consumer will be charged in full based on the booked duration of the Consultation. 

  1. Consultation Cancelation Fees

5.1 If the Consumer cancels a confirmed Consultation more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled Consultation time, no fees will be charged for such Consultation. 

5.2 If the Consumer cancels fewer than twenty-four (24) but more than twelve (12) hours before the scheduled Consultation time, the Consumer will be charged 50% of the price of the Consultation based on the duration of Consultation that was booked. 

5.3 If the Consumer cancels within twelve (12) hours of the scheduled time, the Consumer will be charged 75% price of the Consultation based on the duration of the Consultation that was booked.

  1. Ancillary Services

6.1 Other than for Off-Platform Services Facilitation, Consumers will pay OnFrontiers a Fee for Ancillary Services as follows:

Ancillary Service Service Fee
Transcription Services 0.6 Credits / Hour
In-Person Meeting 1 Credit
Off-Platform Call 1 Credit
Translation Services 2 Credits / Hour
Concierge Assistance 1 Credit


6.2 Consumers will pay OnFrontiers a Fee for Off-Platform Services Facilitation as follows:

Total Paid to Expert  Fee
<$5,000 Max of 1.250 Credits / $1,000 or 2 Credits
$5,000 -$10,000 1.000 Credits / $1,000
$10,000.01-$20,000 0.725 Credits / $1,000
$20,000.01-$50,000 0.625 Credits / $1,000
$50,000.01 + 0.500 Credits / $1,000


  1. Implementation Services

8.2 Implementation services apply at the Fees and timing specified in the Order Form.  Fees for certain standardized Implementation Services packages are as follows:

Implementation Service Package Fee
Marketplace Curation Launch $3,600 / 20 Matches
Pool Prototype $5,000 Ea


8.3 Unless otherwise agreed in an Order Form, additional Implementation Services will be priced as follows: 

Rate Rate per 8-Hour Day
OnFrontiers Services Team $1,600


  • General Terms for Curators
  1. Additional Pools

1.1 Additional Pools. Customer may add Pool Collections to a Subscription by paying Fee which, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, will start at $50,000 / year, and will be adjusted upwards based on: number of Credits, Pool Manager Seats, Pool Consumer accounts, Pool Partner accounts, and Pool Profiles according to the fees for Enhancements set out in paragraph A 2.2 of this Schedule 5. An estimate of Pool Subscription Charges based on a Customer’s particular needs is available from Customer’s account  manager.

1.2 Implementation Services for Additional Pools. Implementation Services for Additional Pools, unless otherwise agreed, will start at $8,000 and be adjusted upwards based on the scope of Implementation Services required.  An estimate of Pool Implementation Fees for a particular proposed project is available from Customer’s account manager.

  1. Consultation Facilitation Fee

2.1 Curators shall pay OnFrontiers a Consultation Facilitation Fee for each Consultation completed via Curator’s Curation on the OnFrontiers platform, calculated as a markup on the Consumer Rate charged by the Curator, as follows.

Collection Markup
Knowledge Network 10%
Expert Pools 20%