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While the Earth's climate has changed throughout history there is overwhelming scientific consensus that recent climate changes are due to human activity. The Earth has warmed ~1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 and if emissions continue unchecked, the world’s land ice would melt and oceans rise at an accelerating pace. OnFrontiers allows you to schedule consultations with pre-vetted practitioners and consultants spanning hundreds of specializations around the world.

Daniel Ortega-Pacheco
Guayaquil, Ecuador Director of the Public Policy Center, ESPOL

Climate change and environmental management

Daniel has shaped local and global environmental policy by bridging public and private interests. He has represented LA at the Executive Board of the UN Clean Development Mechanism, lead Paris climate change negotiations towards a successful outcome on forest protection and established consulting firms.

Esteban Bermudez-Forn
San Jose, Costa RicaFounding Partner, ESCOIA S.A.

Sustainable energy technology in Latin America

An expert on sustainable energy technology and have experience working on sustainable energy and climate change projects in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Esteban has contributed in the design and analysis of sustainable energy systems and climate change related projects over the last seven years. A consultant on energy and biotechnology and a professor in industrial engineering.

Andrew Amadi
Nairobi, KenyaBusiness Development Consultant, Biogas International

Climate Change Expert and Energy Audits Specialist

Climate change expert specialized in energy audits in the renewable energy field. Founder of an Energy Service Company that develops and implements energy efficiency projects and help develop sustainable energy policies for public and private sector organizations.

Stanley Ijeoma
Abuja, NigeriaEnviropreneur/CEO, Schrodinger Ltd

Renewable energy, sustainability and climate change expert in Nigeria

Africa's foremost Enviropreneur and expert on Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Africa. Passionate about sustainable development in the environmental sector. Expertise in the international community responses to climate change.

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