Case Study

Is Costa Rica a desirable market for developing solar energy projects?

About the Client
The customer wanted to get comfortable with the business environment for developing privately-owned solar projects in Costa Rica.

The Objectives
Understand the impact of current /expected regulation, policy and economic factors on smaller scale distributed generation (DG) solar in Costa Rica.
Understand how the market may develop in the future e.g. tariff structure; energy pricing; restrictions.

The Experts

Solar energy expert and entrepreneur
San Jose, Costa Rica
An expert and entrepreneur in renewable energy in Latin America. Alejandro Brenes has extensive strategic consulting experience with international organizations and private companies in a range of sectors in Latin America.
Venture capital and project finance for renewable energy
San Jose, Costa Rica
An investment banker and an expert on venture capital and project finance of renewable energy and energy-efficiency enterprises in developing countries. Well experienced with fund management, portfolio construction, asset management, workouts and exits.
Getting advice on a niche topic in the energy space, in a country that is somewhat ‘off the radar’ was vital for our due diligence...
Renewable Energy Director
Development Finance Institution

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