Case Study

Is Costa Rica a desirable market for developing solar energy projects?

About the Client
The customer wanted to get comfortable with the business environment for developing privately-owned solar projects in Costa Rica.

The Objectives
check_circleUnderstand the impact of current /expected regulation, policy and economic factors on smaller scale distributed generation (DG) solar in Costa Rica.
check_circleUnderstand how the market may develop in the future e.g. tariff structure; energy pricing; restrictions.

Costa Rica

  • CFO & Founding Partner at Flex Energy Group, a greentech turbine systems provider.
  • Former CFO of Safety Tubs LLC and CEO ofE+Co Capital - CAREC Venture Capital Fund.
  • 25 years of experience in venture capital and project finance of renewable energy.

Costa Rica

  • CEO & Co-Founder at Enertiva Costa Rica doing small-scale renewable energy projects.
  • Former Analyst Mesoamerica Investments in consulting on M&A and Private Equity.
  • 9 years of experience in renewable energy and cogeneration.
Getting advice on a niche topic in the energy space, in a country that is somewhat ‘off the radar’ was vital for our due diligence...

Renewable Energy Director
Development Finance Institution

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