Case study

ICS unlocks an additional $5 million in revenue with OnFrontiers

About the Client

In reviewing the previous solicitation and market research, ICS realized there were technical and regulatory elements of biomedical laboratories that they needed to be better versed in to demonstrate excellence in their ability to respond to the highly nuanced problems of an upcoming federal contract. Specifically, ICS uncovered two areas where they needed to capture deep expertise:

Executive Summary

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  • Looking to learn how to handle, transport and dispose of hazardous chemicals
  • Gain insights from Experts informed medical surveillance and regulations to ensure employee safety


InfiniSource Consulting Solutions (ICS) is a leading provider of management consulting, information technology, and professional services to the US federal government. As a smaller government contractor with a 200 person team, ICS recently won a $5 million contract with a large federal agency; an award ICS would not have pursued without OnFrontiers.

ICS has over five years of experience providing shipping and receiving assistance and laboratory management services to government agencies,

including The US Military Academy’s Robotics and IT Services Center at West Point and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor. With OnFrontiers, ICS remained confident in pursuing an award that would unlock new business opportunities and demonstrate a broader set of skills in laboratory management.

This case study highlights why ICS selected on- demand experts through OnFrontiers to improve the quality of their proposal and harness knowledge to win a government contract at the federal level.


  • A new contract worth $5 million in revenue with a major federal agency
  • Past performance in biomedical laboratories 2 support (experience ICS can draw from to secure future contracts in the space)
  • Two highly skilled biomedical experts ready to support future proposals

“With these experts, ICS could quickly gain knowledge in the technical areas most concerning to the client, and was able to anticipate the questions later ahead. The experts helped us look really good every step of the way.”