Webinar: Using your Knowledge Network to Build Client Intimacy

By Jordan Behan | 27 May 2020
Edward Schultz
Atlanta, United States (U.S)

Mr. Schultz has over 33 of federal service in a variety of federal acquisition related positions. Mr. Schultz retired from the Federal Government in ...

On Wednesday, June 3, at 12:00 noon EST,  join us for a one-hour webinar dedicated to using your knowledge network to build client intimacy. Learn how to leverage your network to gain key insights and intelligence on your target agencies. 

Client intimacy refers to when a contractor has access to people who deeply understand the context of the mission – the kind of people who can help shape an RFP even before it is released. In today’s competitive environment, a strong knowledge network that can produce client intimacy is critical to winning. 

The guests

Edward Schultz has 33 years of federal service experience in acquisition-related positions. Ed worked for 25 years at the CDC until his retirement in 2017, when he founded  EdS Fedconsulting. 

Ed will offer his insights from the perspective of the agency side, including what you should do and what you should never do when trying to build familiarity with the agencies you’re trying to do business with.

Robert Polster,  President of Polster Consulting, is the author of The Roadmap Out of Proposal Hell, a step-by-step guide to turning your company into a government contract winning powerhouse. 

Robert will talk about some of the myths and realities of contracting, as well as narrow in on one key insight from the Roadmap that will help establish a much better way to win business. 

Todd Cameron is the Founder of Cameron Enterprises, a management and technology consulting firm that works with commercial, government, and not-for-profit clients. Todd worked for Accenture for 27 years where he ran the Air Force Account for many years and was the technology lead for the defense industry portfolio.

Todd will speak from his perspective as a consultant and vendor about how to establish intimacy at the market level, at the client or agency level, and with the specific opportunities, your company hopes to win. 

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Atlanta, United States (U.S)

Mr. Schultz has over 33 of federal service in a variety of federal acquisition related positions. Mr. Schultz retired from the Federal Government in January 2017. He began his federal career as a contract specialist in 1983 with the United States Air Force at Robins Air Force Base. In 1988, Mr. Schultz transferred to NASA at the Kennedy Space Center where he continued to serve in the role as a Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer. In 1992, Mr. Schultz transferred to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where he remained at the CDC until he retired. While at CDC, Mr. Schultz served in a variety of acquisition related positions such as:

Deputy Director for the Procurement and Grants Office, CDC;
Chief, Infectious Diseases and International Acquisition Branch, CDC;
Supervisory Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer;
Senior Procurement Analyst;
Associate Director for Competitive Sourcing (aka OMB Circular A-76)

Mr. Schultz started EdS Fedconsulting, LLC in January 2017 with a focus on providing consulting services in areas such as: capture strategies and assessment; market research analysis; business diversification analysis; contract portfolio assessments; proposal strategies and reviews; negotiation strategies and support; acquisition support and related activities; and networking and corporate introductions.