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What people say about us!

“The customer needed exactly what I knew regarding the energy landscape in Costa Rica and it was great to contribute to the discussion on what is on the horizon in the space.”

CEO of Solar Energy ProviderCosta Rica

“The customer project sounds interesting and well mapped out. The questions they asked were very concise and well-structured, and very necessary for the development of aquaculture in Nigeria.”

Aquaculture Consultant & ResearcherNigeria

“Most of the topics discussed with the customer were closely related to my past experience within national and international companies based in my home country regarding social and human issues.”

Human Resources DirectorMorocco

“I was happy to participate and provide my perspective on providing healthcare services and products to people living below $1/day, mainly because this first-hand perspective is not always sought.”

Executive Director of Healthcare FoundationNigeria

Trusted by Top Investors, Researchers, and Consulting Firms

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Here are a few scenarios where our experts can add value to advice-seekers


Share your insights and have influence with large international organizations and multinationals.


Building the business case for investment into certain industries/businesses.


Validate or invalidate desk research findings.


Finding and navigating potential local in-country partnerships.


Evaluating/assessing the potential for new business opportunities in selected markets.


Due diligence.

Common questions we get from our Experts

Who can participate in consultation with OnFrontiers’ clients?

OnFrontiers welcomes all individuals with significant experience in a particular sector or industry, across any geographic region.

How can I become an Expert?

You can apply via our website –click here to visit the application form. We ask you to provide a condensed version of your resume along with a brief description of your expertise. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at and a member of our research team will contact you to complete the application process.

Do I have to pay to become an Expert with OnFrontiers?

Nope! Becoming an Expert with OnFrontiers is free.

What is an Expert’s relationship with OnFrontiers?

An Expert participates in consultations with our clients as an independent contractor. He/she acts in his/her own capacity at all times and he/she is not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture of OnFrontiers.

How do I terminate my Expert membership with OnFrontiers?

You can suspend or terminate your membership at any time, by giving written notice.

Who are OnFrontiers’ clients?

Our clients include some of the world's leading investment firms, corporations, strategy consultancies, media and development institutions.


Ranking high in OnFrontiers search is key to being one of our recommended experts. We let the market decide how high you rank, but here’s some things that will help you rank higher.


Have a complete profile

Add as much detail as possible, including a compelling description. No one will know how awesome you are unless you tell them.


Be responsive

We’re looking for experts who respond promptly. Highest ranked experts get back to advice seekers within 24 hours. Not too much to ask, right?



The more your profile is out there, the better. Share it on your social networks and connect with others. The more calls and positive reviews you have, the better.



Our experts are at the top of their field. Published authors. Successful investors. Thought-leaders. Impresarios. Passionate leaders. This is the type of expert that does well on OnFrontiers.

What have you done? Brag a bit — Do people often say things to you like, ”Hey, I really enjoyed our conversation. Could we sit down and talk again so I can pick your brain some more?” For a OnFrontiers expert, that’s a good sign. It means you know how to inspire people.

There you have it.

Being part of our community of experts is a great place to be. If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to have you join in.

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