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The Value of Localized Expertise in International Development Proposals

How to get the right stories and vignettes to support your technical approach You’ve done your homework. You know about this proposal, about the technical area, about the country and the local context. You’ve worked with the right subject matter experts, both local and global, and you’ve come up with the best possible approach for […]

An Innovation Disrupting Foreign Assistance Delivery: Remote Technical Assistance (RTA)

International development and relief assistance increasingly turn to remote technical assistance for fast, quality knowledge access Whether it be a local market nuance in Bangalore or specific ways to improve quinoa crop yields, it’s no secret that tailored expertise improves project outcomes. Enterprises are constantly consulting with experts to gain an edge. But how do […]

OnFrontiers is helping Bland & Associates build intelligence and achieve scale

“Whether you look at our bench strength, knowledge network, or our digital capabilities, OnFrontiers has helped us grow.” – Garrett Gilbert, Senior Director of Strategy   Bland & Associates P.C. is an accounting, auditing, and consulting firm specializing in assurance, tax, strategic planning, and auditing for businesses, individuals, local and Federal Governments. Bland’s engagement with […]

How to Build a Robust Digital Identity Program

Cyber intrusions have increased with the rise of public sector technology concerns, and one of the most effective ways to prevent them is through a robust digital identity program. This includes two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO). Building these programs can be difficult, but there are some essential steps that can make the process […]

7 Productivity Tools for Freelance Knowledge Workers

If you’re a freelance knowledge worker, chances are you’re always looking for ways to increase your productivity and eliminate administrative tasks. Seven of the best tools to increase productivity for freelance knowledge workers include:   Xero Slack Freshbooks OnFrontiers PayPal Boomerang Trello   From project management to invoicing and payments, these tools can help you […]

Is the Cloud More Secure? | Cloud Migration in the Public Sector

There are many factors to consider when making the decision to move your IT systems to the cloud, especially in the public sector. One of those vital factors is security. The security of your data is important, and you need to weigh the risks and benefits of moving to the cloud before making a decision.  […]

How To Automate Cybersecurity and Cyber Defenses

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a huge issue these days. With more and more businesses and organizations going online, the risk of cyber attacks is increasing exponentially in both the private and public sectors. And while there are many steps that businesses and government organizations can take to protect themselves, one of the most […]

5 Books For Freelancers To Read This Summer

The good thing about freelance work is that there is never enough content shining new light on the topic. The downside, it can be a bit overwhelming to find a medium that works for you.  You’ve tried podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram infographics – and the list goes on. But after your research, you’ve realized you […]