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10% Entrepreneurship Around the Globe

How are entrepreneurs around the world chasing their dreams without losing a steady paycheck? We recently chatted with OnFrontiers expert Patrick McGinnis about his concept of the 10% Entrepreneur and cross-cultural entrepreneurship. A venture capitalist and private equity investor, Patrick is the Founder of Dirigo Advisors and author of The 10% Entrepreneur: Live Your Startup […]

OnFrontiers Think Tank Insights: A Real Strategy for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the areas with most turmoils and conflicts in the world. This field has been in the war since 19th century and it had been sucking all type of resources from several countries, but it never takes a break. What is a real winning strategy for U.S and how to prioritize? An OnFrontiers Expert […]

The hidden determinant of P-win

OnFrontiers, described as a “Linkedin on steroids,” is gaining adoption by growth leaders in the Federal marketplace who have found the platform to be a scalable means of accelerating revenue by doubling down on their company’s greatest asset – its knowledge network. Building a team to win is one of the most important aspects of […]