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Expert Q&A- Expanding Energy Access One Cookstove at a Time

Judith Joan Walker is the Director of Operations for African Clean Energy, an Amsterdam-based company focused on providing cookstoves to rural households in Africa and Southeast Asia. Their main product is the ACE-1 solar biomass cookstove, which burns solid biomass without smoke and captures solar energy with an external solar panel for mobile phone charging […]

Expert Q&A: Kenyan Election Preview with Patrick Obath

On Tuesday, Kenyans will vote in the country’s general election. The build-up to the Aug. 8th vote has already included the death of a key election official and reports of some residents leaving the capital Nairobi and others stocking up on food, both fearful of possible violence because of the vote.

4 Ways Innovators Can Do More with USAID

For many innovators entering new markets, finding partners, and identifying opportunities and resources can be challenging. USAID’s Global Development Lab has documented many cases where USAID implementing partners have provided critical support in these areas to innovators. USAID’s programs on the ground are implemented by a large group of implementing partners including private sector contractors, NGOs, […]

OnFrontiers is Helping Bland & Associates Build Intelligence and Achieve Scale

  Bland & Associates P.C. is an accounting, auditing, and consulting firm specializing in assurance, tax, strategic planning, and auditing for businesses, individuals, and local and Federal Governments. Bland’s engagement with the US Government started in the 90s mostly in an auditing capacity, which has grown into compliance oversight, data analysis, and consulting.  Bland is […]

Consultation Guidelines

You can assume when starting, that your Expert will have read your questions in advance, but beyond that Experts will expect you to direct them on how to spend your consultation time together.