Last Updated: November 8, 2022


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Access Plan 
Accessible Collections
  • OnFrontiers Marketplace 
  • Customer Knowledge Network



  • Features


Enterprise Plus Features
General Features
  • Billing history
  • Member management
  • Email domain auto-accept
  • Account statistics
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Sub-accounts
  • Dashboard
  • About page
  • Customer user sign-up link
  • Auto-transcription services (English language only)
  • Vetting Calls for written consultations (up to 15 mins)
Consumer features Custom Request & Matching

  • Custom matching facilitated by Research Manager
  • Organizations to avoid / pursue
  • Flexible Consultation types
  • Opportunity pages
  • Screening questions
  • Candidate tracking & selection
  • Vetting notes
  • Anonymity settings
  • Opportunity calls
  • Project accounting
  • Project-level compliance
  • Account-level compliance


  • Expert template agreements

Call Consultations

  • Call scheduling
  • Call reminders
  • Web interface
  • Phone interface
  • Dial out
  • Multiple-user calls
  • Audio and video playback
  • Ratings & reviews
  • External Consultations
  • Call transcripts

Post-Consultation & Other Features

  • Messaging & file sharing
  • Data archival
  • Expert profile access
  • Expert activity log
  • Search knowledge base
  • Unrestricted follow-ups
  • Expert payments processed by OnFrontiers
Power User Licenses
  • Unlimited first Consultations < 60 mins (all Consultation types, incl. Batch CV Request)
  • Unlimited Vetting Calls < 15 mins (all written Consultations and Deliverables)



  • Consultation Types


Consultation Types
Consultation Type Description
Call Consultation Advisory or knowledge call with an Expert
Written Consultation Written Q&A with an Expert
Written Deliverable Written work product delivered by an Expert
Batch CV Request Assessment and solicitation of Expert for inclusion in Customer Knowledge Network (serves as “first Consultation”)
Opportunity Call Exploratory call related to a full or part-time position, consulting opportunity, advisory opportunity, or other business opportunities


  • Ancillary Services (additional cost)


Ancillary Services
Manual Transcription Services Manual transcription of call consultations (English language only) 0.1 Credit/10 mins.
Translation Services A translator joins a Call Consultation for live translation 0.1 Credit/10 mins.
Vetting Call Optional introductory call (minutes in excess of 15) with the Expert for the purpose of evaluating the Expert’s suitability to perform a written Consultation or Deliverable at the relevant Expert’s hourly rate
Off-Platform Services Facilitation Facilitating Permitted Off-Platform services with an Expert, inclusive of assistance negotiating contracts and effectuating payment to Expert through OnFrontiers on request